From generating a 3D layout of your event space to determining the best type of electrical source for a parade float to designing a custom logo, Wheeler Enterprises provides services unlike any other. The Wheeler Enterprises team specializes in anything themed entertainment and attraction related.  With Wheeler Enterprises there are numerous possibilities and areas they can assist you with your next event or themed project. 



Whether it’s an event for 10, 10,000 or millions watching on TV, Wheeler Enterprises has stood the test of time.

Over the past 10 years, Wheeler Enterprises has helped managed special events for organizations such as JetBlue, Grainger, Disney Cruise Lines and Walt Disney Entertainment.  Each company had unique requirements, and Wheeler Enterprises delivered.  For instance, Grainger displayed a functioning jet engine during their outdoor trade show, and it was Wheeler Enterprises who ensured it operated securely with thousands gathered around. For JetBlue, navigating the logistics for the grand reveal an 320 Airbus using a enormous drop curtain. Wheeler Enterprises outshined most when Disney Cruise Lines requested a 20-foot bottle suspended from a helicopter in order to christen the Disney Dream. Or, constructing a 25-foot ice sculpture of the Cinderella Castle in the middle of Times Square with only hours to assemble before broadcast on Good Morning America. 

Big or small, all come to Wheeler Enterprises for the most organized and safe execution of their event.



Understanding the many complex parts of a live show or parade is one of Wheeler Enterprise's greatest strengths. Recently providing support for Universal's Holiday Parade featuring Macy's, Wheeler Enterprises was able to bring the many complex systems together allowing them to work seamlessly day in and out.

Wheeler Enterprises has the ability to understand all of the live show, parade and performance requirements, like being able to fly a performer ten times a day from centerstage to up in the house with obstacles surrounding the space. Or producing an exquisite digital mapping experience on Hogwarts castle in Universal's Islands of Adventure, Orlando.  It is paying attention to the details and making sure that all elements and performers will be able to work together time and again that allows Wheeler Enterprises to demonstrate their genuine expertise and support for the team. 

It is the ability to understand all elements and their interaction with an advanced technical perspective that allows Wheeler Enterprises to be a world class leader in producing live shows & parades.

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT / Technical Advisor 

With over 20 years of project management experience, Wheeler Enterprises surpasses most competitors based on their ability to save the clients time and money time and again by way of composing a logical schedule and understanding the overall scope or the "larger picture". Wheeler Enterpises can make a positive impact to your project's bottom line!

Putting "lava" under a floor and in a bar-top at a Hawaii restaurant or changing Cinderella's Castle to a huge birthday cake are just a few of the challenging projects Todd Wheeler and Wheeler Enterprises has helped manage.

When Hard Rock Park wanted to add sound to the Led Zeppelin roller coaster Wheeler Enterprises was called once again to help manage the project along with other systems for the park, both on-board the rides and off.

Wheeler Enterpises has helped clients worldwide, from a water show in Macau to Walt Disney World in Florida, Wheeler Enterprises understands the business side the themed entertainment.