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For over 30 years, Wheeler Enterprises has successfully managed entertainment-based projects worldwide with an unparalleled ability to complete each project on time and under budget. Whether its producing a special event, live show, parade, or managing the design, fabrication and installation of a themed facility project, Wheeler Enterprises world-class consulting services exceeds expectations by seamlessly coordinating scope, schedule, budget.

Wheeler Enterprises lives and breathes their core values of Respect, Organization, Approachability and Resourcefulness. As a family owned and operated business, their goal is to incorporate these values in every project and event with passion, trust, dependability, expertise, creativity and efficiency. Together, WE ROAR.


What We Do

Marriott's Orlando World Center - Orlando, FL

Marriott's Orlando World Center - Orlando, FL

Corporate & PRIVATE events
Trade shows, meetings, seminars, wEDDINGS, Social Events, Family Celebrations

Whether it’s an event for 10, 10,000 or millions watching on TV, Wheeler Enterprises has stood the test of time. From large corporations to intimate family settings, all come to Wheeler Enterprises to obtain a visually stunning and innovate experience with an exceptionally organized staff with an objective to provide the safest execution of their event.

Universal's Superstar Parade - Universal Orlando, FL

Universal's Superstar Parade - Universal Orlando, FL

Entertainment Production
pARADES, Live SHOWS, Exhibitions, Spectacles, Concerts

Understanding the many complex parts of a live show or parade is one of Wheeler Enterprise's greatest strengths. It is the ability to understand all elements and their interaction with an advanced technical perspective that allows Wheeler Enterprises to be a world class leader in producing live shows & parades. 

Astronaut Hall of Fame - Kennedy Space Center, FL

Astronaut Hall of Fame - Kennedy Space Center, FL

Project Supervision, Technical Integration, Design administration

With over 20 years of project management and technical direction experience, Wheeler Enterprises surpasses most based on their ability to save the clients time and money time time and again. By composing a logical schedule and understanding the overall scope or the "larger picture", Wheeler Enterprises is able to make a positive impact to your project's bottom line! 



"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

- Walt Disney 


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